If Las Vegas is often considered the temple of gambling, there is a real Palace in Malta where enthusiasts meet. They can combine their passion for gambling and the Maltese heritage. Since the 19th century, the Dragonara Casino in Malta was first the residence of one of the great families of the archipelago. It became one of the best and most important casinos on the island in the 1960s.


No matter how long you stay in Malta, the island has many treasures that you must visit. This is notably the case of the Dragonara Palace, built in 1870. It is located at the tip of the Tad-Dragun peninsula, in the very chic and sought-after town of St Julian’s. You are therefore only a few kilometers from the capital Valletta. This palace is one of the most extraordinary and imposing private properties in Malta. Much of its original architecture has been preserved for a truly magical and majestic experience. Since 1964, the Dragonara Palace has also been home to the best casino in Malta. It is also recognized as one of the most important in the southern Mediterranean.

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Dragonara Palace

Don’t want to gamble money? The Dragonara is also the ideal place for private events and catering. You can even watch live broadcasts of major sporting events in the Sports Bar & Grill.

Located in the heart of the Palace floor, this unique venue offers sports enthusiasts an incredible experience. Indeed, they will be able to watch live matches and, if necessary, make sports bets on their favorite teams. Soccer matches, world championships or horse and car races are regularly on the agenda.

If gambling is not your thing, Dragonara Palace also offers one of the best dining experiences in Malta. Indeed, the Dragonara brewery, which overlooks the bay of Saint Julian’s, will allow you to spend an unforgettable evening. With constant improvements and an exceptional contemporary vision of the culinary art, the various exclusive dishes, meticulously concocted in the kitchen, will electrify your taste buds.


If you are looking for the thrill and excitement of the gaming world, look no further. For an immersive experience steeped in elegance and history, Dragonara Casino is an inevitable destination to experience the unique feeling you’ll get when the dealer flips the cards or you settle into the slot games.

dragonara game

You have a wide variety of casino games at your disposal. From beginners to casino VIPs, it is open to all types of players, sure to find their happiness.

They will be greeted by a selection of approximately 300 slot machines. Dragonara Casino offers all the pokers and card games typical of European casinos, with the added advantage of playing in a palace. You will have a truly unforgettable, glamorous and exciting time. So you can’t miss this opportunity when you visit the Maltese islands.

Play roulette, lotto, blackjack, you will find the latest and most popular casino games. For fans, classics like the slot machine are also part of the game. You can always cross your fingers and hope to hit the jackpot and win some money. You can then head to the palace’s brasserie for a meal.

Measure yourself against professional poker players

dragonara poker view

But Dragonara Casino is also home to daily tournaments in one of the finest poker rooms you’ll find anywhere. Located overlooking St. George’s Bay, players enjoy a unique backdrop. The room is designed so that they can enjoy an outdoor environment during the summer months.

A setting unmatched not only by other poker rooms in Malta but also by any other poker room in Europe.

Both Maltese and foreign players can meet at the various gaming tables for tournaments. Professional dealers ensure that both expert and amateur players get the most out of the experience. Thus, well-planned cash games are the icing on the cake at Dragonara Poker Room. Poker games have become one of Dragonara’s main assets, allowing you to meet and compete with a number of renowned players.

Find Dragonara Casino online

The Dragonara experience does not end with your visit to the Dragonara Palace. You may wish to continue your gaming experience with the internet casino portal: dragonara.mt, a digital gaming experience of the highest quality. Dragonara.mt is operated by IZI Interactive Limited, duly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/345/2016).

At the frontier of heritage and unique and exclusive gaming experiences, Dragonara Palace is the only casino that perfectly combines spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, exceptional heritage, a top-notch gaming experience and extremely tempting dining services. Opened to the public over 50 years ago, it was the first casino established in Malta and remains by far the most popular and number one in Malta.

Dragonara Casino is operated by Dragonara Gaming Limited and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/181/2010). To visit Dragonara Casino, Maltese nationals must be 25 years of age or older, while the minimum age for foreigners is 18. Games at Dragonara should be played responsibly. Visitors who are playing games can ask for help at www.rgf.org.mt.