What to do in Valletta, Capital of Malta

Valletta Coast (5)

Valletta is the baroque jewel of the Mediterranean! A walk in the capital of Malta is the discovery of a “concentrate” ofarchitecture and monuments never equaled in the world. Classified as a Unesco heritage site, its palaces, churches and museums are full of treasures. Visit also its gardens and its quays: you will be rewarded by extraordinary panoramas! Valletta is the first city of Malta.

Visiting Valletta – our tips

We recommend that you walk through the streets of Valletta to soak up its warm atmosphere. Also, visit the five must-sees listed earlier in this article.

In addition, if you have the possibility, every Monday and Wednesday a visit of Valletta with a guide is organized. We recommend it without hesitation. It includes the must-see Upper Barrakka, the co-cathedral and the explanation of the history of the Knights of Malta in the streets of Valletta. To book by clicking below, the visit will cost you about 55€ per person and it’s worth the cost:

For more independence, you can also book a private English-speaking guide to take you on a guided tour of Valletta. The price is €200 for half a day.
👉 Book your tour with a private English speaking guide here.

A walk in Valletta

Whether you arrive on foot or by cab boat, your stroll through Valletta will be unforgettable. You spend hours going from one discovery to another. Whether you are looking for shade in its narrow streets with wide stone staircases or sunshine in its large squares, your gaze is constantly challenged: here a statue, there a palace entrance, an interior courtyard … Valletta is a dizzying place!

The ochre color of its buildings, with colorful balconies, are just waiting to be photographed. Its café terraces all offer a view of an exceptional building. Its small shops are the showcase of the island’s artisanal talent. At nightfall, the lighting gives a magical dimension and brings you back to the time of the Knights.


Five must-see places to do in Valletta

The 320 monuments of Valletta will take you a whole year to visit! Visiting Malta suggests five places to discover during a day in Valletta, but also to spend a night there.

1 ♥ The Palace of the Grand Masters


Built by the Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar in 1572, you enter the daily life of Maltese politics: The palace houses the Chamber of Deputies, the office of the President of the Republic of Malta. In the right wing, the museum of medieval weapons and armors reminds us how difficult it must have been to wage war with so many kilos of metal on your shoulders… The charm and the shade of the garden, the time for a break before continuing your stroll in Valletta… (Count on about 1h30 of visit)

2 ♥ La Casa Rocca Piccola

casa rocca picola

La Casa Rocca Piccola is located 100 meters from St. George’s Square… You enter the property of the family of Marquis De Piro. Splendid residence and only palace of Valletta inhabited by private individuals. With 50 rooms, most of which are open to the public, and its private collections, you will travel through 400 years of Valletta’s history. The welcome is friendly. The tunnels built under the Casa Rocca Piccola were used as air raid shelters during the Second World War… Beautiful small interior garden (visit: about 1 hour – A good choice of books on Malta at the store)

3 ♥ St. John’s Co-Cathedral


Jewel of Valletta, the first stone of the co-cathedral Saint-Jean was laid in 1573 according to the plans of the Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar. Sober on the outside, the building contains the exuberance ofBaroque art and the signatures of emblematic artists: Caravaggio, Mattia Preti. The pavement composed of marble slabs houses the tombs of the knights. Eight wonderful chapels dedicated to the eight languages of the Order of St. John surround the nave. Spend about 2 hours in Valletta.

4 ♥ Upper Barrakka Gardens


Landing in the gardens of Upper Barrakka: the place loved by all Maltese! Its benches and well-kept flowerbeds offer a panorama of the “Three Cities” and the Grand Harbour that is simply breathtaking! (free access every day from sunrise to sunset – public toilets)

5 ♥ The Waterfront Docks


The Waterfront was once used as a boathouse and unloading area under the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.
The Waterfront has been refurbished and is now a venue for Valletta’s cultural events with its beautiful terraces of cafes and restaurants. From this place you will contemplate the gigantism of the cruise ships calling at Valletta.
Tip: Use the large elevator located in Upper Barrakka Gardens to reach the docks.

We recommend you to be very early to visit Valletta and to spend the evening there as well. In summer, spend the hottest hours in museums (air-conditioned!). In churches, decent dress is always required at the entrance.

Valletta, capital of Malta

Guided tour of Valletta

As explained earlier in the article, we recommend that you take a guided tour if you have the opportunity. There is so much to say about these streets with their many stories. Below is the link to find out more and book the tour with the leading Maltese certified guide organization. They are very knowledgeable and you can choose your preferred language.

For more independence, you can also book a private guide to take the Valletta tour. The price is 200€ for half a day.
👉 Book your tour with a private English speaking guide here.

Getting to Valletta

The city’s public transportation service is very good. There is a bus terminal and several ferries to Sliema, the 3 cities and even directly to and from Gozo, it is called the Gozo fast ferry. However, if you rent a car, it will be difficult to park or even get there due to rush hour traffic.

Malta – Valletta airport transfer

From the airport, it will take you 20-25 minutes to get to your hotel in Valletta. To see all the possible shuttle options from the airport, read our article. To get to Valletta on your arrival, the easiest and safest way is to book a private cab. Click here to calculate the price.

Sleeping in Valletta

My favorite hotel in Valletta

L’Osborne Hotel is an establishment located in the fortifications of Valletta, offering air-conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi. It features a rooftop pool and buffet restaurant. The hotel is popular with couples for its location close to the best sights and public transport. Expect to pay around €190 for one night.

Hotels in Valletta

Best hotels in Valletta

Summary of the best hotels in Malta ranked in order of price :

Hotel nameBenefitsPrice
Hotel CastilleThe most affordable hotel in Valletta with a very pleasant level of quality.
Casa LapiraIdeally located guesthouse offering air-conditioned rooms with kitchenette and a restaurant serving local cuisine.€€
Le Brun PalaceLocated in the center of Valletta, Palais Le Brun features an outdoor pool, fitness center and terrace.€€€
The Phoenicia MaltaThe Phoenicia hotel is Malta’s ultimate luxury. It has an infinity pool with a beautiful view of the harbor.€€€€

View other hotels in Valletta .

Whole-house rentals in Valletta

To view apartment rentals and other entire homes in Valletta, click here.

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