Malta is a small island and yet there are many things to do, whether you are alone, a couple, family or friends, you will always find something to do in Malta. Find on this page recommended itineraries, many activities and focus on the best places to visit in and around Malta, Gozo and Comino. Click on the items you are interested in.

Planning to visit Malta? There is a lot to see so make the most of your stay here. For this, we have made some recommended itineraries according to the duration of your trip: a weekend, a few days or a week.

Are you looking for activities to do during your trip to the Maltese archipelago? So here is a selection ofactivities you can do to make sure you have a memorable vacation! Scuba diving, hiking in the south of Malta, relaxing in the blue lagoon of Comino, visiting Gozo by tuktuk or quad…

The island of Malta contains many different cities and places of interest to visit according to your taste. Alongside Malta, there’s Gozo for nature lovers and Comino for those who love paradise beaches and lagoons.

There are visits in Malta that you must make:The Upper Barraka Garden and the Valletta Hypogeum, the Hagar Qim Temple, Gozo, Comino and a dozen other places are must-sees.

We list some of them in these articles so that you can make the most of them.

If you are planning to come to Malta for a particular event, season or month. We guide you on your choice when to visit Malta.

Malta is also a great place to party for EVGs/hen dos, for students and others who like to extend the night in restaurants, bars and discos.

Don’t worry, there is plenty to do in terms of nightlife on the island!

Visit Malta for ...

There are many reasons to come to Malta. You may find one of the reasons among these:

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