Times of the year

Malta is a charming Mediterranean island that attracts visitors all year round.

However, it is important to take into account the season to plan your trip and to make the most of your stay.

In our articles dedicated to the particular times of the year in Malta, we present the characteristics of each season, in terms of climate, tourist numbers and local events.

You will find out what to do and the advantages and disadvantages of traveling to Malta at Christmas, Easter, in the middle of summer, or for the off-season. Whether you’re looking for a sunny beach holiday, cultural activities, or festive events, our article will help you choose the perfect time for your trip to Malta.

Times of the year

September in Malta

Are you one of the lucky ones who have not yet paid for your vacations?

Times of the year

New Year in Malta

Between festivities and traditions. As in many countries, Malta celebrates the New Year in a

Times of the year

Visit Malta in May

May is a very pleasant month to visit Malta: the heat is not yet too

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