If you are in Malta, don’t miss the opportunity to take a day trip to Gozo by tuk tuk (or tuktuk or tuk-tuk). This tour organized by Yippee Malta will take you through the beautiful landscapes and historical places of the island, while offering you the opportunity to enjoy the cruise along the spectacular coast of Comino.

Tuktuk in Gozo

The best tuk tuk tour in Gozo

There is only one tuk tuk tour operator in Gozo that organizes a full day tour. Yippee Malta has over 1140 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. Moreover, from experience, we are confident to recommend their service. The Tuk tuk day trip in Gozo is their most requested excursion along with the quad bike in Gozo.

This tuk tuk tour in Gozo allows you to discover the island in a unique way. Thanks to your driver who is an experienced Gozo guide and the tuk tuk, you will be able to explore the most difficult to access places and discover the most secret corners of the island. In addition, you will be able to immerse yourself in the local culture through the fascinating stories of your local English-speaking driver. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Gozitan lunch and a glass of local wine.

Tuk-Tuk are driven by English-speaking drivers if you request it at the reservation. They can carry a maximum of 6 people per tuk tuk.

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Visit Gozo by tuk tuk from Malta

If you are in Malta, a shuttle transfer is provided to pick you up in the morning and take you to Gozo. You will then take a private boat for the participants to avoid waiting at the ferry.
On this trip, you will be able to admire the beauty of the Comino coastline while sailing near the Blue Lagoon and the Crystal Lagoon. (If time permits)

Gozo by tuk tuk

The program of the day by tuk tuk in Gozo

During your tuk tuk day, which starts at the port of Mgarr in the south of Gozo, you will visit the best architectural, natural and historical beauties of the island. Along the way, you will have the luxury of enjoying your guide’s explanations of the history and sights of the area.

St. John the Baptist Church, Sheukia,

This impressive church has the third largest cantilevered dome in the world. The roof of the rotunda is accessible by elevator and offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Gozo.

Cliffs of Sanap, Munchal.

Inaccessible by public transport, the cliffs of Sanap are one of the highest points in Gozo. These beautiful cliffs are hidden gems overlooking Malta and Comino.

Xlendi beach, cliffs and caves, Xlendi, Gozo.

Xlendi is a popular spot along the coast of Gozo with beautiful blue waters, cliffs and the Xlendi tower. Stop at the Belvedere overlooking the Xlendi Tower and the bay. 4.

Lavoir du Chevalier – Fontana

On either side of Spring Street, in the village of Fontana, are two well-preserved 16th century public restrooms built by the Knights of St. John. The largest is known locally as Ghajn il-Kbira, which means “great spring”. The smallest is Gaing Bendu, the “Source of Bendu”.

Dix Citadelle, Victoria

You can’t go far on Gozo without seeing the Victoria Citadel. The Citadel is an ancient walled city perched on a rock in the center of Gozo. Almost all of Gozo can be seen from the city walls. Discover the mysteries hidden behind the citadel walls, including World War II bargains and grain silos.

Tapinu National Nature Reserve, Galv, Gozo.

Tapinu is our “church of miracles” and an excellent example of Gozo’s heritage. This magnificent cathedral stands alone in the landscape, with many murals and mosaics inside and outside.

Xwejni Salt Works – Gozo

Xwejni has salt marshes, which, as the name suggests, are marshes cut into the rock where Gozitans still produce salt today. The pot extends over several kilometers.

Qbajjar and Marsalforn Bay – Gozo

Here you can enjoy a traditional light lunch in a seaside restaurant.

Blue lagoon and Crystal lagoon

During the transfer back from Gozo to Malta, a Yippie Island Hopper boat sails in the beautiful Blue Lagoon.
In summer, the Yippie Island Hopper Boat anchors the equally beautiful and uncrowded Crystal Lagoon for a memorable swimming and snorkeling experience.

Cave of Comino

The Comino cave has been carved and formed naturally over the centuries by the raging Mediterranean Sea. Today, these caves are popular destinations because their crystal blue waters and beautiful structures offer an unforgettable experience for all.

Initial tuk tuk itinerary in Gozo

Tuk tuk in Gozo – Prices

The price for the tuk tuk tour in Gozo when booking directly with Yippee Malta is €75 for adults (age 13-99), €50 for children (age 3-12), and babies up to 2 years old can participate for free.

This price includes pick up and drop off in Malta or Gozo, boat to and from Gozo, local Gozitan lunch with water or wine, multilingual storytellers at each stop and visit to all the highlights of Gozo.

Some booking platforms may charge higher prices and add extra services.

Reserve in advance

It is mandatory to reserve in advance and strongly recommended to reserve as soon as possible to be sure to have a place. It’s risk free, by booking via the link below, you get a free cancellation for a full refund according to the date of booking.

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Reviews of the tuk tuk in Gozo

Customer reviews are unanimous: the tuk tuk tour in Gozo with Yippee Malta is a unique and unmissable experience during a trip to Malta. Guests enjoy visiting sites that are inaccessible by bus, as well as learning about the culture and history of the island with their guide. Positive comments also highlight the quality of the service, the delicious local cuisine and the beauty of the landscape.

On review sites, Yippee Malta’s tuktuk tour is 2ᵉ after their own guided quad bike tour driven by yourself. This tour itself has 671 verified reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

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Where and how to book a tuk tuk tour of Gozo

Booking a tuk tuk tour in Gozo is easy. Simply book online on the operator’s website and choose the date and time that best suits your schedule. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail, with all the necessary information for your pick-up and your tour. It is also possible to add comments at the time of booking if you have specific needs.

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