Mellieha Bay – Malta’s northern beach

Located on the north coast of the island of Malta, Mellieha Bay is a must-see destination for any visitor to this pretty Mediterranean country. The picturesque village of Mellieha offers exceptional views of Mellieha Bay, a sandy beach. According to travelers, it’s the perfect place to take photos and capture the beauty of Malta.

The choice of accommodation on Mellieha Bay is varied. You’ll find hotels to suit all budgets, with comfortable rooms offering, for the most part, a breathtaking view of the bay. To enhance your experience, many of our establishments have a swimming pool and offer a tasty breakfast to get your day off to a good start.

Your stay in Mellieha Bay promises to be a memorable one, with a multitude of activities to do and places to discover in and around the village. Stay with us to find out more about Mellieha Bay, one of Malta’s pearls.

Mellieha Bay beach


ghadira bay sandy beach malta

Stepping off the bus at Mellieha Bay, you’re immediately struck by the immensity of the sandy beach stretching out before you. Stretching for almost 800 meters, this isone of Malta’s largest beaches. With soft sand beneath your feet and a calm, inviting sea ahead. The bay is dotted with tourists, all entrenched under their colorful parasols. However, thanks to its generous size, the beach offers plenty of space for everyone!


Sport Malta

Mellieha Bay is a playground for those who love action and adventure. You could choose to stroll along the beach, feeling the sand beneath your feet as you admire the many traditional boats on the Mediterranean.

To cool off in the water, try your hand at a variety of water sports:

  • Water skiing : a guaranteed thrill, water skiing is a must-do experience at Mellieha Bay. Pulled by a boat, you glide across the water at full speed. It’s a great opportunity to have fun while enjoying the magnificent view of the coast.
  • Kayaking: For a quieter, more accessible activity, kayaking is an excellent option. You can rent a single or double kayak and explore the bay at your own pace, discovering nooks and crannies inaccessible on foot and getting closer to nature.
  • Windsurfing : If you’re looking for an activity that combines sport and fun, windsurfing is ideal. With the wind as your ally, you can navigate the water and, if you’re skilled enough, perform some impressive tricks. Get 20% off the activity here.
Windsurfing Malte mellieha

In summer, you’ll find an inflatable water park that’s great fun for kids. This is the Mellieha Summer Fun Water Park, and you’ll be entitled to a 25% discount if you have the My Little Malta card.

Eating out in Mellieha Bay, restaurants and stalls

After a day full of activities and sunbathing , you’re sure to have an appetite to satisfy. Fortunately, Mellieha Bay offers a variety of stalls, bars and restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack on the go, a refreshing ice cream or a full meal in a restaurant overlooking the sea, you’ll find plenty to satisfy you here. We recommend :

  • Salia : This is the ideal place for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. With a varied menu combining traditional dishes and original creations, Salia is sure to delight your taste buds. Their fresh, tasty dishes are a true celebration of local flavors.
  • Ventuno Restaurant: Located in the heart of Mellieha, Ventuno offers breathtaking views of the bay while serving authentic Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, seafood… here, every dish is prepared with love and passion.
  • Amami : If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, Amami is a must. This restaurant skillfully fuses Eastern and Western flavors, creating unique and delicious dishes. Their sushi is particularly popular!
  • La Pellicola Restaurant: For a true Maltese experience, head to La Pellicola. This restaurant offers a menu featuring the island’s specialities. Warm and welcoming, it’s the perfect place to enjoy local dishes after a day at the beach.

The Mellieha Bay area

visit malta Mellieha sanctuary

Malta’s north coast offers a myriad of activities for all ages. Here’s what we liked best:

The village of Mellieha

Overlooking the bay, the village of Mellieha will charm you with its narrow streets, characterful houses and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you’ll find the parish church of Mellieha, and the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Mellieha.

Popeye Village

Not far from here, you’ll find Popeye Village, a former movie set converted into a family theme park. Built in 1980 for the musical film Popeye, today it offers a variety of fun and interactive attractions to please children and adults alike.

Other superb sandy beaches :

mellieha sandy beaches

Diversify your seaside experience. Among the nearest beaches, we recommend Golden Bay, which also offers spectacular sunsets.

See more photos of the best beaches in Malta here.

Excursions departing from near Malta :

blue lagoon comino excursion

Day trip to Comino’s Blue Lagoon aboard a boat or catamaran, the choice is yours. Duration: 7 hours (Best price) Click here for price and availability.

Sunset excursion to Comino’s Blue Lagoon , aboard your choice of boat or catamaran. Duration: 4h. (Avoid crowds and heat) Click here for prices and availability.

Catamaran excursion to the best beaches in the archipelago, with barbecue and drinks. Duration: 6 hours (luxury and ambiance guaranteed) Click here for prices and availability.

For more details, please visit our article on Mellieha and the surrounding area .

Hotels and accommodation in Mellieha Bay

Our favorite hotel in Mellieha

The Pergola Hotel & Spa is set in a valley in Mellieħa offering magnificent views of the church, bay and surrounding islands. The hotel offers rooms and apartments with balconies, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa and several nearby restaurants. We particularly appreciate its location compared to other hotels in Mellieha.

From luxury resorts to more affordable family hotels, Mellieha offers a variety of accommodations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for tourists. Here are our recommendations:

Hotel nameBenefitsPrice
Paradise bay resortChoose your package with or without meal. With 3 outdoor pools, large sun terraces and a private beach, Paradise Bay Resort offers magnificent views at a very reasonable price.
db Seabank Resort + Spa All InclusiveThis 4-star hotel offers all-inclusive packages. The resort features indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, several restaurants and bars, as well as entertainment for adults and children, with rooms overlooking the countryside or the sea, for a comfortable stay in Malta.€€
Maritim Antonine Hotel & SpaThe facility boasts 3 swimming pools, including a heated indoor pool, + a sauna and gym. All this at a reasonable price.€€
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden SandsLuxury at this resort with swimming pools, private beach and SPA.€€€

Whole house rentals in Mellieha

To view Mellieha apartment, house and villa rentals, click here.

Getting to Mellieha Bay

From Malta International Airport, the main entry point for tourists, Mellieha is about an hour’s drive. Shuttle services and buses make the journey easy – bus routes 41 and 42 will take you directly to Mellieha. Budget: €2 for a bus ticket.

If you prefer freedom, consider renting a car. However, be prepared for the challenge of traffic and driving on the left. It will take you between 30 and 50 minutes to get to Mellieha, depending on traffic, from Valletta or the airport. Allow an average of 35 euros per day for car rental.

As for cabs, we recommend VTC applications such as eCabs, the Maltese equivalent of Uber. The drivers are responsive and the rates affordable.

For more information on getting around Malta, click here.

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