Boat party in Malta : Tickets and tips

How about a boat party in Malta? From the end of April, in Sliema or at the beach, you start to be accosted by young people who propose you to participate in a boat party… But what is it? Why do you hear so much about it? You will find all the answers here!

What is it?

The principle is simple: party on a beautiful schooner (pirate ship) for hours on end.

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How does it work?

Most of the boat parties are run in the same way. The boat leaves Sliema Ferries in the early evening (around 7pm). Before that, you may even be invited to a “before” party at a particular bar, depending on the organizer.

Boat party lazy pirate

Then, once on the boat, the open bar and open food are yours, meaning unlimited food and drinks! The type ofalcohol and food varies depending on the provider, but it’s quite often: cocktails, hard liquor, beer and sandwiches. With music playing, you can admire the island’s coastline under the setting sun and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Afterwards, when you are allowed to do so, you can jump off the boat! Then it’s back to midnight, destination Paceville thanks to the shuttles (2€). The party continues.

How much does it cost?

This activity will cost you 60 euros. To this, you will have to add the price of the shuttle back or the night bus ticket to return, count about 65 euros for the whole evening. Once on the boat, you have no more expenses, so everything is fine!

How to book your ticket?

Boat party dates vary from month to month, from 2 days a week in spring to almost every day in July and August. It is important to reserve your place in advance to avoid running out of availability, because as the organizers point out, they are almost always sold out.

Important tip: Book as soon as possible to make sure you get your tickets! Otherwise it’ll be too late.

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For who?

This type of party is for partygoers over 17 years old (the legal drinking age in Malta). The sailors of one evening are rather young, the older ones (age is in the head!) will perhaps not appreciate the rather particular atmosphere.

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Who are the organizers?

There used to be different organizers: LazyPirate, X Clusive Boat Party, Captain Morgan, SeaAdventures… but now, the only organizer who has become the leader of boat parties in Malta is Lazy pirate Malta. It is then the one that we recommend here.

Is it worth the cost?

If you’re between 17 and 35, My Little Malta recommends a boat party, as it’s one of the Maltese specialities! You will have a great time! …and a moonlit midnight swim in Comino (if you like), simply unforgettable!

The Little Maltese’s advice

My Little Malta advises you to wear your bathing suit if you want to swim and jump off the boat. Don ‘t take valuables with you, as they can get wet. You get the idea, so book your place while there’s still time for a boat party!

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Small swim at the blue lagoon

Check availability and book your ticket for the boat party here :

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