Climate in Malta

climate in Malta

The climate in Malta is very pleasant. With an exceptional amount of sunshine and an average annual temperature of 18°C, Malta can be visited all year round.

The winter is among the mildest and sunniest in Europe. Summer is hot and dry and is the ideal season for swimming, sunbathing in the small coves and enjoying the lively nightlife. Spring and autumn are the best periods to discover the archipelago, which is quieter and greener.

Malta in spring

With rare rain showers and more than 8 hours of sunshine per day, temperatures are around 16°C in March and 25°C in June. The weather is ideal for discovering the richness of Malta’s heritage, going out to sea, hiking or simply relaxing. The excellent luminosity combined with the green vegetation offers contrasting and changing landscapes.

The beaches are peaceful and the sea temperature reaches 19°C in May. Discover Malta in May.

Malta in summer

Malta in summer - Cafe Del Mar Malta

The climate in Malta is Mediterranean, summers are hot, dry and sunny 12 hours a day with temperatures exceeding 30°C during the day, summer is the ideal time to swim and enjoy all the water activities that the archipelago offers.

From June to the end of September, people live outside very late at night, looking for a little coolness, enjoying the lively terraces, the fireworks and the numerous neighborhood parties.

Although most of the sites are air-conditioned, it is better to organize visits and travel very early in the morning (the sun rises around 5am).

At night, temperatures are warm, although softened by regular breezes. The air conditioner is essential to support the ambient humidity coming from the sea.

Without a single drop of rain during the summer, the vegetation is slowed down and the landscapes take on a beautiful ochre color.

Malta in autumn

Malta in autumn

All activities are to be considered in Malta in autumn thanks to perfect weather conditions.

Discover Malta in September.

The hot summer days diminish from October on, the air is more breathable. A few small and insignificant showers make the hills green again.

In November, when it is already winter in the rest of Europe, temperatures in Malta are around 23°C during the day and 18°C at night. It is still possible to swim; the sea is warmer than the air at the end of the day (21/22°C).

Autumn actually lasts until Christmas with a thermometer that shows 18°C in the shade and 15°C at night.

With the mildness of December and a beautiful luminosity, Malta is a sunny destination for the end of the year celebrations.

Malta in winter

weather malta winter

The Maltese winter is short: 2 months. January and February are the coldest months, but temperatures rarely fall below 12°C during the day. The sun shines for 5 to 6 hours a day, but rain showers are fairly frequent until mid-March.

In this season, the “Grigal” wind from the North-East can sometimes blow very hard: the opportunity to admire the grandiose spectacle of the raging sea.

It is the low season, synonymous with calm. Nevertheless, all the tourist sites are open and the accommodation offer is particularly interesting.

In short, in every season, there is always a good reason to visit Malta!

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