The most beautiful natural sites in Gozo

Mgarr Harbour-Visit Gozo Malta

Visit Gozo… A nice day to schedule during your trip in the archipelago of Malta. We advise you to travel by car or bicycle, as the frequency of buses in Gozo is lower than on the island of Malta. Five sites full of nature that we particularly like and that we recommend you to visit in Gozo:

– Visit the cliffs of Sannat in Gozo

Dingli Cliffs Gozo Malta (2)

Covered with typical Maltese scrubland, the fauna and flora proliferate. It is best to visit the cliffs in spring, blooming with crocuses and wild orchids, or in autumn, covered with meadow saffron. The cliffs reach more than 140 meters high, be careful on windy days. Continuing along the unique path to Ta’Cent, you can discover prehistoric remains. On the way back, stop at the pretty village square of Ta’ Sannat.

Going to the cliffs of Sannat

♦ By car : 10 mn drive from Victoria , from Sannat follow the signs “Cliffs “
♦ By bus: 1 per hour (line 305 takes about 15 minutes from Victoria) then 15 minutes walk following the “cliffs” signs.

Tip : At nightfall, flocks of shearwaters return to their nests: a unique sound experience!

– Visit Inland Sea of Gozo

Thousands of years ago, two limestone caves collapsed and the Inland Sea was born at Dwerja Point. This lagoon, surrounded by cliffs, is connected to the Mediterranean by a natural tunnel. The colors of this place will amaze you: between the crystal clear emerald water and the colorful doors of the fishermen’s houses, you will be amazed. By the way, you can go on board with a fisherman and cross the tunnel! After the passage, you will be able to admire the impressive cliffs and if the weather allows it, you will be able to approach the site of our dear departed Azure Window by the sea.

Getting to the Inland Sea

♦ By car: head towards San Lawrenz and then follow the Dwejra signs.
♦ By bus: 1 per hour ( line311) takes about 30 minutes from Victoria.

Tip: To the right, when going down to the inland sea, get information about the fauna and flora in the Mediterranean at the Panacea office in Malta.

– Visit the salt flats of Gozo

salines gozo Malta

Near Qbajjar Bay, along the beautiful north coast of Gozo, a site to visit: the Gozo salt flats. They extend over about 3 km and date back to Roman times. Passed on from generation to generation, the know-how of its salt exploitation is carried out in the pure Gozo tradition. At the beginning of the summer, the basins are filled with sea water and then, after evaporation, the salt can finally be harvested. At this time of the year you will see the gozitans busy in small warehouses (dug in the rock) for the processing and storage of this precious and small production of Maltese salt.

Going to the salt flats of Gozo

♦ By car from Zebbug or Marsalforn (beware of narrow road! )
♦ By bus: 1 per hour to Qbajjar Bay ( line310, duration about 15 min from Victoria) then walk for 10 minutes.

Tip: Buy fleur de sel directly on site.

– Visit Mgarr Ix Xini Bay in Gozo

mgarr ix xini bay Gozo

Magnificent for swimming and scuba diving, the bay of Mgarr ix Xini must be earned! The access road is narrow and steep and must be used with great caution. It is best to leave your vehicle at the top of the hill and continue on foot: you will have plenty of time to admire the “fjord” on your left and the Watchtower (1661) which guards the entrance to the bay. Then you have the choice: eat (only one establishment), enjoy the small pebble beach or venture into the lovely paths on the hillside. Little frequented until now, Mgarr Ix Xini will surely be famous in the coming months: Angelina Jolie directed her film “By the sea” there from September to November 2014. Film release: May 2015.

Getting to Mgarr Ix Xini

♦ By car: 6 km from Victoria ( go through the village of Sannat)
♦ By bus: 1 per hour to Xewkija(line 323, takes about 10 minutes from Victoria) then 30 minutes walk with a detailed map of Gozo in your pocket!

Tip: Make sure you wear good shoes because the descent is slippery

-Visit Xlendi Bay in Gozo

xlendi tower bay Xlendi Malta Gozo

Like many Maltese, we are particularly fond of Xlendi: its steep path leads to the “Carolina” cave, its walk along the sea reaches the watchtower at the tip of Ras il-Badja but also “Wied Tal kantra”. Wied means dry and winding valley in Maltese: between low stone walls and tamarisk, a lot of authenticity by this nice shortcut and beautiful walks around the pretty fishing of xlendi.

Getting to Xlendi Bay

♦ By car: 6 km from Victoria (go through the village of Munxar)

♦ By bus: 1 per hour – circular line 306 – takes about 20 minutes from Victoria.

Tip: Go to Xlendi at sunset.

Xlendi Gozo Malta

NB: Many visitors regret not visiting Gozo for more than a day: Consider booking a night’s accommodation to extend your stay on the island of Gozo by dedicating 2 days of your trip to the Maltese archipelago.

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