Mgarr Ix Xini, a heavenly bay in Gozo

Yes, Mgarr Ix Xini is a corner of paradise in Gozo! When we receive friends and family on vacation, we always offer them a stopover for a few hours! And it’s always cruel to have to leave this small Gozitan “fjord”, so much we feel good there! Access is a little tortuous, but Mgarr Ix Xini is well worth the effort, and gained fame in 2015 thanks to Angelina Jolie’s film By the sea.

An authentic natural site

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At the beginning, the road winds its way through the stalls of dairy farms: nothing very engaging, but you’ll see, it’s very fragrant… And then suddenly, on your left, the beginning of a very steep valley. The first tower is a landmark to look down on, the remains of the water pumping plant built by the British in the 19th century, with the arches of its bridge that supported the pipeline to supply Xewkija with water.
700 meters further, you discover this magnificent small narrow bay surrounded by cliffs. Mgarr Ix Xini, its beach a little rustic, but so authentic! With a mask and a snorkel, you will have a great time in the water (27 degrees in July) at the very place where the privateers of the 16th century hid their booty! And if you are armed with courage, a little climbing to visit the Tower of Mgarr Ix Xini, open to the public.

Mgarr Ix Xini, a movie set

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In 2015, access to Mgarr-Ix-Xini was even forbidden for five months due to filming ! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose to shoot most of their film “ Vue sur Mer” there. And so the pretty cove was transformed into a small fishing village in the south of France with its 1970’s bistro and a luxury hotel like on the French Riviera 45 years ago. But don’t look for these facilities, they were only built for the needs of the film and then destroyed this winter. The only active café-restaurant is real! You’ll find one of the most beautiful terraces in the archipelago, fresh fish cooked on the barbecue and Sandra’s friendly welcome. By the Sea film sheet

How to get to Mgarr Ix Xini?

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To get there: only one road (see here): narrow, rather chaotic and with a hell of a slope at the end! Two vehicles do not pass each other in different places, but there is enough visibility to anticipate. If you are not comfortable with your rental car, park it at the top near the tower and walk down!

There’s no bus service to Mgarr Ix Xini, but for the more courageous among you, there are magnificent hiking trails that criss-cross the cliffs from the Mgarr pier or the village of Ta’Cent.

Our Hiking Routes:
From Ta’Cent
From Mgarr Ferry pier

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